How does payroll work with Kota?
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You will have all of the information you need for your accountant, payroll, or finance team on hand at all times via Kota.

Under the billing tab, you'll be able to see your payroll reporting snapshot identifying the charges for all employees in any particular month.

From here, you can download a .csv of all of the information that will look something like this:

What does all of this information mean?

Employee name and ID: Make it easy to identify your staff.

Insurance provider: This will identify who your healthcare or pension provider is for this staff member.

Currency: If you run payroll through different countries, the currency will reflect here.

Employer contribution: This will outline the amount of money you are contributing towards your employees health care. For example, if you are contributing €100 to each employees healthcare plan, it will show as €100 here.

Employee contribution: Should your employee pick a plan where they need to add on some money to the contribution you have already made, this will reflect here. For example, if you are contributing €100 to your employees plan, and the plan they choose is €120 per month, the employee contribution is €20 and they will be billed through payroll.

Employee BIK on amount: This means 'employee benefit in kind'. Healthcare is a non-cash benefit in kind, therefore it is treatable as taxable income, and is necessary for payroll reporting.

Payroll year and payroll month: This makes it easy to align with your payroll cycle.

I can't figure out my first payroll report. Why do these numbers vary month per month?

Initially, your first bill will contain figures based on potentially the previous two months. So for example, if an employee joined their policy mid-way through the prior month, you will be billed pro rata for this. Once this regulates, each bill will appear the same, unless a new joiner is added to the scheme (in which case you will be charged for the new policy) or if someone currently on the scheme upgrades their policy.

OK. So how does invoicing work?

Read all about invoicing here.

Any more questions on payroll? Hit the support tab and we are happy to help.

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