How does invoicing work with Kota?
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We want to make your invoicing as clear as possible. So with Kota, you'll have two invoices per month:

Fee invoice - a breakdown of the fees you will be charged

Contribution invoice - a total number for what you, the employer are contributing for your employee healthcare plans

Your fee invoice

Let's break this down a little more:

  • Subscription fee: This fee is the Kota subscription fee, that is charged at €9.00 per month, per employee.

  • Card processor fee: This fee is in order for you to use your card as a payment method. We work with Stripe to ensure the safest transfer of your money.

  • You will get invoiced for Kota on the 10th of every month. You can see more information on this here.

Your contributions invoice

The contributions invoice shows the total cost of the plans you are paying for, for all of your employees. Easy!

Ok. So how does payroll work?

Read all about payroll reporting here.

Any more questions on invoicing? Hit the support tab and we are happy to help.

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