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What are the fees associated with this pension fund?
What are the fees associated with this pension fund?
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Concerned about fees? Luckily with Kota, you get the benefit of saving some money before you even start your pension savings.

What is the Annual Management Charge for the EMPOWER PLS?

Kota have a preferential rate of 0.75%.

What is the allocation rate?

For every €100 premium paid, €100 is invested, so there is 100% allocation on all contributions.
Contributions include regular premiums which are monthly contributions, single premiums which are once off payments by the member and transfer values coming from other pension plans.

Is there a member contract charge?

With Kota, the member contract charge is €0.00 (typically this is €60.00 per member per year).

Are there any transfer fees for members?

There is no charge to transfer in or out.

Non-Irish life related fee's

The Pensions Authority charge an annual fee for members who have a pension in Ireland. The fee is €6.00 per member per year.

If you have any specific queries on costs, hit the support button on your screen to speak with a team member.


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