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What pension investment solution does Kota offer?
What pension investment solution does Kota offer?
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The pension investment solution we offer at Kota is the Irish Life EMPOWER Personal Lifestyle Strategy (Empower PLS). This is a defined contribution scheme. Investing your pension savings into EMPOWER PLS has two main benefits over the years for you:

  • Managing investment risk

    EMPOWER PLS helps protect your pension fund value against market fluctuations by automatically switching you into lower-risk funds as you reach the last 6 years before your retirement date.

  • Personalised fund switches

    EMPOWER PLS is different to other investment strategies because it adjusts to your unique circumstances. It directs your investment into appropriate funds that best match the benefits that you are most likely to take on your retirement.

There are three phases to the EMPOWER fund from the day you enter your retirement fund:

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Download the EMPOWER lifestyle strategy pdf below to learn more.

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