How do I create a package?

Setting up should take you less than five minutes.

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On your dashboard, follow the steps to create your first package.

1. First, add your team members. You can add employees one-by-one or in bulk through an Excel template that can be filled out. Soon, you'll be able to bulk upload all of your employees from your HRIS system (e.g. Bamboo HR, Humaans) with the click of a button.

2. Next, add your billing details and a payment method. You will be billed on the 10th of each month for all employees that have set up their plans through the Kota app. You will not be charged for employees that have not enrolled themselves in a plan.

3. Finally, it's time to create your first package. A package lets you define what contribution you would like to give to certain groups of employees. Please note: Packages are country specific. You should have one package for your Irish team, and another for your UK team.. so on, so forth.

  • You’ll be asked to name your package and choose what country your people are coming from.

  • You can then choose from the available benefits you wish to offer your people. Currently, we are only offering our Health product. Our Retirement product is coming soon.

  • You can then customise your contributions to suit your needs and budget, or use our benchmarking for what is a low, standard or competitive contribution in that country.

  • You can then add your chosen people to the created package.

  • Finally, you'll see a summary of all of the important stuff to make sure everything is right for you. Don't forget to click 'Create Package' at the bottom.

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