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Why do I need to contact the Pension Regulator?
Why do I need to contact the Pension Regulator?
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In the UK, employers are required to set up a workplace pension. You must also complete a Declaration of Compliance within 5 months of setting up your workplace pension, declaring that your workplace pension has been executed correctly and in line with legal obligations. If you have any queries around this it is vital to contact the Pension Regulator.
The Pension Regulator can offer advice on your current workplace pension, or, if you're setting up a new workplace pension, what exactly is required to be compliant.

For example - if you have a UK company, and you have not paid your employees pensions thusfar, you could be liable to penalties for this. The Pension regulator can walk you through exactly what's necessary to rectify this, or next steps on how to deal with this.
You can contact the pension regulator in multiple ways listed here on their website. They also have helpful FAQ for employers setting up a workplace pension.

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