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What are my obligations as an employer to meet pension requirements?
What are my obligations as an employer to meet pension requirements?
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Legally as an employer in Ireland, you are not required to offer a pension or retirement fund. However, if you are an employer and you don't have an employer pension scheme (or an occupational scheme), or you have 'excluded employees', you do need to offer access to at least one standard PRSA.

What is an excluded employee?

  • An employee employed by a company that does not have an employer pension scheme

  • If you are not eligible to join the employer scheme, and even six months from employment won't be eligible to join the scheme

  • You are only in a scheme for 'death in service' benefits

  • You are in a scheme that does not allow employees to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC's)

An employer needs to enter into a scheme with a PRSA provider and must:

  • Communicate to all excluded employees that a PRSA is available and they have the right to contribute to a PRSA

  • Allow the PRSA provider reasonable access to excluded employees at their workplace

  • Allow a leave of absence that is reasonable in order for excluded employees to set up a Standard PRSA

  • Run the PRSA deductions through their payroll as requested by employees (employers cannot charge for deducting and remitting contributions)

  • Alert employees at least once a month of their total contribution at that point, including what the employer is contributing (if the employer is contributing to it. This is usually on the employee payslip.

Whats the difference between a PRSA and an employer pension plan? Check it out here.


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